Social & Mobile Gambling Conference 2015: How to build the business of future?

March 5, 2015

A modern person spends more and more time on the Internet, and therefore the business is gradually moving to the Web. Gambling is a vivid example. Visiting the Social & Mobile Gambling Conference, you will learn about the current state of social and mobile gambling and the prospects of the industry. This is the first event in the Russian Federation on mobile and social network gambling.

Online gambling is among the most profitable and promising internet business industries. Why? Everything is simple. Gambling is one of the oldest human passions and the Internet is a world of endless possibilities and in addition the best trading platform.
Every day a lot of people spend their free time in the web and they all want to have fun, experience emotions and try their luck. Learn how to put the idea into practice visiting the second in a row, but still the only one in Russia conference on mobile gaming industry Social & Mobile Gambling Conference. The event will be held on March 12, 2015 in Moscow.

Come to the event and you will

• learn what trends prevail in the industry of online gambling today and what will be popular tomorrow;
• understand how to start business in the industry;
• learn how to attract players and to keep their interest and encourage them to spend more;
• be able to raise your game in the top of users’ preferences;
• be aware of the nuances of regulatory rules governing this segment of the business;
• make useful acquaintances and find an investor or developer.

Visit the event’s website and find out more about SMGC and register to participate today!

GameDev Days 2015: Game Сonference in Estonia Announced

February 27, 2015

This year’s edition of Estonia’s largest developer conference, GameDev Days 2015 will take place on April 8th and 9th 2015, at Tallinn University. The event, which has been organized by Creative Mobile since 2013, will be hosted in cooperation with Tallinn University, as well as the gaming accelerator GameFounders. The 2-day-conference offers sessions covering 3 areas of the gaming industry: game development technologies and game design techniques, business development and industry insights, as well as gaming industry related educational opportunities in Estonia.

The organizers of GameDev Days are focused on fostering the growth of the games industry in Estonia, which offers convenient conditions for foreign and local publishers, development studios, and start-ups. Estonia boasts a number of e-government and e-business services, as well as an attractive tax policy that makes forming and operating a company very easy.

Featured speakers of GameDev Days will include: Vladimir Funtikov, co-organizer of the conference and CEO of Creative Mobile, Google (Ekaterina Zholobova), Microsoft (Alex Bubb), Facebook (Igor Pashchenko), Twitter (Yves Burgoin), Unity (Oscar Clark), and GameFounders (Kadri Ugand).

In addition, the event will host a Game Village showcase and awards for Estonian and other indie development studios.

For more information about GameDev Days 2015, as well as ticket and sponsoring options, please visit the official website. The final conference schedule and further speakers will be announced in Mid-March.

DevGAMM Moscow 2015 – Register Now!

February 17, 2015

The biggest game industry event in Russia will be held in Moscow on May 15-16.

The gorgeous Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel will gather over 1500 professionals from all corners of the world.

Why developers believe DevGAMM is the most useful event in game industry?

Productive Networking

Meet 20 publishers during one hour and show them your game at Speed Game Dating.


Showcase your game for free at GAMM:Play Showcase, get useful advice from other professionals and still be able to visit lectures and have fun.


Enjoy quality presentations dedicated to game development, tech, game design, sound, art and animation, postmortems of successful projects and participate in workshops.

Prizes and acknowledgment

Submit your game to DevGAMM Awards to win and Game Lynch, If you are not afraid of being lynched.


Informal conversations could lead to solid business relationships and new friends. Solve every gamedev problem with the help of a like-minded person and a glass of beer.

And there is more!

Want to get everybody talking about your company? Become a sponsor.

Are you writing about games professionally or running a popular blog?
Get registered as media representative beforehand!

Early bird registration is now open. Tickets are ranging from $70 to $250
Organized by: Renatus Media, LLC

Subscribe to DevGAMM:


Stay tuned for news on our blog to be the first to know about the most interesting reports and events of DevGAMM Moscow 2015!

Always yours,
DevGAMM Team

Games Industry Law Summit in Vilnius: Get Lawyered Up

February 13, 2015

Each year game industry comes up with brand new events that expand on the variety of topics. And DevGAMM is always trying to support these initiatives.

DevGAMM Minsk 2014 participants probably remember the first-ever legal track that was held last October. The presentations focused on cloning prevention, opening a studio in the EU and collaboration with foreign investors. If you enjoyed these sessions, and you want to dive into legal aspects of game development, we recommend that you visit the Games Industry Law Summit, which will take place in Vilnius on April 23-24, 2015.

Game developers, business development managers and lawyers will come together to discuss the burning issues of the industry in the context of the legal framework. Event will take place in a brand new Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square right in the city center. The conference is organized by SORAINEN law firm, with the help of Sergei Klimov, the founder of Charlie Oscar studio.

The conference program will be divided into 6 topical units, dedicated to:

• Bizdev-to-lawyer relationship: working together more productively
• Games Industry M&A, venture capital
• State regulation of games industry, EULA (global/local)
• Conflicts in games industry: resolution options
• User-generated content (UGC), esports
• The future of game industry law: 2015 – 2020

Detailed information in regards to event program, speakers and registration is available on Games Industry Law Summit website.

Winter Nights Developers Track Supported by DevGAMM

January 15, 2015

Winter Nights conference will be held in St.Petersburg on February 9-10.
The premiere event ‘Technical Track’ supported by DevGAMM will run simultaneously with the business section.

Early registration for this track costs only $50 (but as of January 19 the price will rise).
Confirmed speakers include companies such as Unity, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, ARM, as well as the experienced studios and indie developers.

You will not hear a word about marketing, the whole time will be dedicated to the specific cases of game development for those who make games, rather than sell them.

Register now, number of places is limited!

Happy Gaming Holidays!

December 22, 2014

Dear friends,

We would love to thank everyone for supporting our conference this year!

The past year was exceptional for us: we became the biggest game conference in Moscow and Minsk and gathered more than 2000 people from 25 countries.

We wish you a lot of inspiration, cool new ideas released into excited games!

We wish you a wonderful holiday season!
May the Games be with you!

Hope to see you on May 15-16 at DevGAMM Moscow 2015!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

DevGAMM Team

Looking Back at DevGAMM Minsk 2014

November 13, 2014

After each DevGAMM conference we are closely monitoring the internet, and reading all the reviews and reports of the attendees with great pleasure. Today we decided to share these emotions with you!

The most sincere and helpful feedback is always found in blogs devoted to indie development:

“The largest Russian-speaking game developers conference DevGAMM, held at least once a year, provides a chance to tens and hundreds of game developers to show themselves, to present their games and gain experience from more accomplished colleagues.”

“Essential things that you need to take with you to GAMM:Play are pens, notepads, water. In real time players notice the shortcomings very quickly and it is important to take notes immediately. Some come up just to listen to the developer and offer their services so it is more convenient to present the game with a partner- one person is responsible for all the players, writes down comments, and the second takes on the function of the narrator.”

“Apart from lectures DevGAMM has quite a traditional format of special event called Speed Game Dating. Developers, like a shy girl on a romantic adventure with the same name, talk about themselves and their projects, and publishers on the other hand evaluate and make a proposal in accordance with their capabilities and policies of the company. Each meeting lasts for 3 minutes, until the gong sound indicates the beginning of another round, and then publishers move on to the next victim.”

And sometimes impressions happen to turn into a podcast:

“Well, you already know everything, wondering what new could possibly be there [at DevGAMM] And still, new people come there, new rounds of industry development start, new presentations are shown. And I always like how DevGAMM heartfulness, which I wrote about on Twitter, keeps me from losing focus and see everything as something familiar.”
Alexey Davydov and Masha Kochakova

The most interesting reports of DevGAMM Minsk 2014 were selected for “Games Market” column on Siliconrus Siliconrus.

The event was highlighted in the Belarusian press:

“A large set of presentations, great speakers, great networking opportunities for establishing useful contacts, and all this in an unobtrusive and friendly atmosphere …”

“Independent developer DiscoFishGames, who won the award for Best Indie Game, could not hold back tears. He noted that this award meant a whole lot to him.”

“Learn about the advancement of technology. Mobile power is growing rapidly right now, so those devices should be filled with something.This happened to the animation when Disney cartoons already ceased to amaze. No wonder that gaming industry needs to evolve and new niches should be found.”

We want to express special thanks to our sponsors, who always find time to share their impressions of the conference.

“Our company has been a platinum sponsor of DevGAMM conference for game developers and publishers for several years in a row. Therefore, the latest conference, held in Minsk, was special for us. For the first time we received guests at home and wanted everything to go well.”
Vizor Interactive

“Kefir!, platinum sponsor of the conference, was presented by specialists of different game dev and management fields. Our guys offered jobs, made new friends and discussed different subjects with their colleagues. Every visitor of the Kefir! stand could not only read the list of jobs but also taste delicious cakes. Moreover, we had souvenirs for all comers.”

“So why do we love DevGAMM? Even risking to sound too flashy we could honestly say that DevGAMM is where the soul of game industry lies.”

“While part of the iLogos team participated in professional discussions, the other part was entertaining new friends with sweets. We organized a booth with fortune candy. These candies were special, some people got prophecies, and others pulled out real discounts for our services. All those who got the latter prize immediately promised to cooperate with us.”


If we missed you report make sure to add it to the comment section below and we will publish it on our official DevGAMMTwitter feed!

Nival:The right time to rebuild development

November 13, 2014



Large-scale companies often include some procedures only because that’s the custom, a holdover from previous projects and teams. Later on it turns out that they don’t fit the present-day needs, yet are hard to rebuild. You’ve got to choose the right time but it’s still out of sight. I’ll tell you how to seize that very moment and do the impossible.

About speaker:
Alexandr Myasishchev 7 years of experience in game journalism and 4 years in game making. He participated in the development of games for social networks and mobile devices. Alexandr has been part of Nival team for the last few years and works on Prime World.

Playtestix: Analytics for insights, not just numbers. Playtest from prototype and later

November 13, 2014



The lecture will give answers to the following questions: how to save project’s budget and time; how to get a perfectly structured and useful feedback on early stages of development; how playtest is carried out: methods, formats, points of control; what kind of data is collected during playtest: not just comments in optional form, but a well-structured and precise feedback, and a tool for making right decisions along with testing theories in projects.

About speaker:
Alexander Dzyuba is a high-level marketing research professional with 6+ years of experience. He has deep knowledge and vast experience in market research, research techniques, gaming industry, sociology and sales. Client-oriented, perfectionist and workaholic.

All Correct: Solutions for localization issues: there’s hope yet!

November 13, 2014



Sometimes an idea of game localization occurs to the developer after his title is released. And he finds out that the text is not separate with graphics, all GUI elements should not exceed 4 symbols, and the humour gets completely lost when dialogues are reproduced in Japanese. This, however, does not mean that there’s no hope! In any situation, even the most complicated one, there is always a wayout. In this session we’ll show you how localization specialists manage to find perfect solutions for a series of peculiar problems and eventually provide a good-quality localization on actual examples.

About speaker:
Nadezhda Lynova is a QA head at All Correct Localization. She is responsible for the development of technical localization processes and integration of QA systems with them. In 4 years of working, Nadezhda has participated in about 150 projects, from small-scale to large-scale games.