Workshops and parties

November 25, 2015

Only 40 people will be able to take part in a traditional iOS Workshop.

Learn about the changes that have taken place on the platform over the last few months.Get insights to help you make the right decision in your application strategy.

Pre-registration is required!

iOS Workshop Pre-Registration


Get into the festive mood at three parties which will take place at DevGAMM Minsk. Free entrance for ALL conference participants!

Badge Pick Up Pre-Party

December 9th @ 18:00 – 22:00

Get your badge and start networking beforehand at People’s restaurant!

Official Party by Melesta

December 10th @ 20:00 – 00:00

Join Melesta company at the Coyote bar party at the end of the first day of the conference!
For your convenience we will provide a shuttle from the hotel to the bar!

Bye-Bye Mingle by Renatus

December 11th @ 19:00 – …

Right at the hall of the hotel we will celebrate the successful ending of the conference, exchange contacts and hugs:)

TargetSummit Berlin Starts This Week

November 16, 2015

TargetSummit would like to invite you to attend our next conference which will take place in Berlin on November 19th. Start is in the evening at 17.00pm.

TargetSummit is an evening mobile app conference that covers the topics of mobile app promotion, monetization  and analytics.

TargetSummit is the first affordable conference in the mobile segment with ticket price starting from 19.99USD!

Our concept is very simple in many ways, we offer an evening conference in the field of mobile during which we have 6 keynotes from amazing international speakers like Twitter, SoundCloud,, Splitmetrics, Lovoo and Wooga. All the attendees have traveled from other countries to attend the event and some very known names in mobile industry will be attending TargetSummit.

Please check the full program of the conference here:

There is less then a week left to register and attend the event and only few days until the Early Bird will be sold out. You can get your tickets here:

We are excited to see you next week and we guarantee an evening of learning, networking and fun throughout the night!

Our Sponsors have prepared some amazing giveaways for all the attendees of the event but we keep it a secret for now and will reveal it only on the night so don’t miss it!

Use promo code TSDEVGAMM to get 30% off the ticket price.

Win 1000$ for Best Indie Game! Smart Watch, VR headset and other prizes

November 13, 2015

DevGAMM Awards

Only one week left to submit games to DevGAMM Awards. The last awards ceremony of the year!

This time we will have 10 nominations:

Grand Prize
Excellence in Visual Art — sponsored by Fibrum
Excellence in Game Design
Excellence in Narrative — sponsored by All Correct Group
Excellence in Audio
Best Indie Game — sponsored by tinyBuild
Best Mobile Game
Best Desktop Game
Best of GAMM:Play Showcase — sponsored by
Game Lynch Award

The winner in the Best Indie Game category will get $1,000 from tinyBuild.

All Correct Group will present a Smart Watch for Excellence in Narrative.

Excellence in Visual Art will get a VR headset from Fibrum.

TheMSI company will present 8 mice Steelseries Kinzu

Want to sponsor a nomination? 
Hit us up at

Deadline for Awards submissions is November 20! All you need is a ticket.

GAMM:Play Showcase

Want to showcase your game at GAMM:Play area and gather feedback from fellow developers? You can do it for free (ticket is required).

The best game of the showcase will be chosen by WG Labs and will get a valuable prize from!

Deadline for Showcase game submissions is November 30. Hurry up!

The number of spots is limited! We can only accept 56 games.

Game Lynch

Your game is in Alpha, Beta or Prototype? If you are not afraid of some criticism submit it to Game Lynch!

As always we promise lots of blood, alcohol, tears and tribal dances:)

Submit your game to Awards, GAMM:Play, Game Lynch using only one form!

Submit Game

Mobile Monetization Summit – Dec.15 featuring leading game publishers

November 12, 2015

We’re glad to invite you to the Mobile Monetization Summit 2015 to be held on Dec.15 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Summit is one of the biggest mobile games events in the region, with over 2,000 attendees. The summit features sessions from leading game developers, publishers and other players on how to get users, how to monetize, how to do proper analytics etc.

This year it features international speakers from Outfit7 (Over 3B downloads!), Wargaming, Nordeus as well as founders of the hottest mobile apps/games companies such as TabTale, Deemedya, Glide, Fitness22, Scoompa and senior speakers from Startapp, Smaato, Performance Revenues, ClicksMob, SimilarWeb and many others.

In addition the Summit features an exhibition of the leaders in mobile/games/adtech as well as a startup arena, featuring the best of the new and upcoming apps and games developers.

DevGAMM members get 20% off by using code devgamm20 when registering at

DevGAMM Minsk Schedule Is Live

November 10, 2015

Hurray! The schedule for DevGAMM Minsk 2015 is already available on the website.

Sessions are targeted at both entry-level gamedevs and experienced developers, artists, game designers, producers together with other industry professionals.

Take a closer look at these sessions:

John Carnage, TwitchTwitch: Behind The Scenes
Mélanie Christin, Atelier 801Transformice: from small Flash game to 60 million players ММО
Stan Just, CD Projekt REDBetter, Faster, Smarter, Witcher: Production tips from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone

Also in program:

Unity Track

Representative of Unity, zGames, Heyworks, ARM, EVERYDAYiPLAY, IDSPE DEV LTD will share their experience working with Unity engine. From VR to WebGL you will hear only applicable solutions. Sessions were carefully chosen be technical advisors of the conference.

Audio Track
For the first time we decided to pay this much attention to the sound.
Sound designers, composers, musicians will tell you not only about creating sound but also how to work with contractors, choose sounds and manipulate the player’s perception.

Technology & Development
Besides Unity you will get to learn more about Unreal Engine, NVIDIA Gameworks, DirectX12, new build systems and e-sport development.

Discussion Panel: Game Industry Waiting for Breakthrough
Petr Kharitonov will gather creme de la creme of forehand gaming companies based in CIS to discuss the burning issues of game industry.

…. lots of other useful sessions.

Quick reminder that DevGAMM Awards, GAMM:Play Showcase, Game Lynch and Speed Game Dating deadlines are coming up.

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You still don’t have a ticket to the conference, do you?

I want to go to DevGAMM

Pitch & Match for effortless DevGAMM networking

November 5, 2015

Meeting scheduling is the most time-consuming part of any conference. You spend enormous amount of effort researching relevant companies, finding emails, creating schedules. To top it off let us remind you about incomplete participant lists, social media hunting and cold emails. We will try to solve all these problems and save your time with Pitch & Match.

Pitch & Match is an efficient event matchmaking tool, which is used at many conferences around the world, including PG Connects, Nordic Game, QuoVadis, GIC.

We decided to offer free access to Pitch & Match for ALL registered DevGAMM Minsk 2015 participants! This way indie ticket holders will be able to connect with sponsor companies, while journalists will have an opportunity to schedule an interview with any speaker in a few minutes.

Pitch & Match Advantages:

easy scheduling and flexible automatic
profile editing
tag search
each schedule shows free and booked slots
the system assigns the meeting table at Pitch & Match area by default
notifications and reminders to stay in touch at any moment
quick time and place adjustments
access to all conference participants

Learn more about the system on Pitch & Match page
Your login information will be sent via email after DevGAMM registration.

Hotel Discount and Visa for Belarus

November 4, 2015

If you are coming to Minsk from another city or country, the following information is for you.

Book a room in Renaissance Minsk for the most comfortable stay. This 4-star Marriott hotel offers tasty breakfasts, free Wi-Fi and great rooms. But most importantly you will be able to come down the conference halls in a few minutes wearing your robe and slippers:)

Hotel offers special prices for DevGAMM participants
The discount is valid only for bookings from December 9th to December 14th.

Single room – $100
Double room – $120

Prices will be available till December 4th.

Read more details on planes, trains and taxi on the page “Venue and Travel”

If you need visa to Belarus, learn more on how you can obtain it here.
DevGAMM conference offers visa support. Ukrainian and Russian residents do not require visa to Belarus.

DevGAMM: Early Bird Ends In 2 Days

October 30, 2015

Tickets for DevGAMM Minsk 2015 at the lowest price will be available till October 31 only. The number of tickets is limited and declines sharply :)

Indie Ticket – $99 Business Ticket – $199


While we apply the finishing touches to our program, which will be announced at the end of next week, we want to share some spoilers with you:

John Carnage, Twitch – Twitch: Behind The Scenes

Mélanie Christin, Atelier 801 – Transformice: from small Flash game to 60 million players ММО

Stan Just, CD Projekt RED – Better, Faster, Smarter, Witcher: Production tips from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone

Also Unity track, sound design track and more. The full schedule will be available soon.

Want to join as a speaker?

Submit your session before October 31. Our schedule is almost full, but we saved a couple of spots for extra useful sessions.

Become a speaker

Twitch: Behind The Scenes With Jon Carnage

October 29, 2015

People love watching other people play games. It is fun, easy, accessible, does not require full dedication and is available on the go. Live streaming and let’s play videos are not only the best way to entertain yourself but are also used to discover new and exciting games.

Interactive content always works better in terms of attracting audience attention and at this point video rules the gaming world. Walkthroughs, letsplays, esport tournaments and live streaming allow players to become a part of the gaming process, share the experience with someone else.
One of the most popular platforms where it all happens now is Twitch. Seeing that players resort to Twitch as game discovery tool more often developers start to establish their presence there.

We invited Jon Carnage, Twitch live programming director, to DevGAMM to take us behind the scenes of one of the most powerful marketing tools that gaming industry has right now.

He is going to tell about the different ways developers can use this platform to connect with players. Jon will explain how creating a legit developer channel is a great alternative to reaching out to celebrity streamers, how it allows to build relationships with your audience on a different level.

He will also show how to better interact with players by using Twitch commands and share tips on do’s and don’ts of streaming on your own channel. Finally Jon will discuss new emerging verticals on Twitch.


Jonathan Joyce (aka Jon Carnage) is the live programming director of Twitch, the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. His role involves working closely with publishers and developers to determine content for Twitch’s stage presence at major conventions, such as E3 and PAX, while frequently being on-camera as a moderator for these streams.
Jon also works closely with developers and publishers of all sizes to help them find their own unique voice on Twitch. He has been working in online digital broadcasting and traditional television media since 2000, including being an online producer at Destructoid for three years. Prior to joining Twitch in early 2012, Jon was co-creator of several successful Twitch channels.

Better, Faster, Smarter, Witcher

October 16, 2015

Thick forest, sun-bathing meadows, reed samps, wooden bridges, castle ruins…
It does sound a lot like the Witcher 3 setting, doesn’t it? The truth is we are actually talking about Belarus, which had a good chance of becoming this game’s homeland, if the history changed its course at some point.

Where are we going with that? Right, for the very first time CD Projekt RED representative will come to Belarus to share his experience with local game developers. Stan Just, who has already proved to be a great speaker at DevGAMM Hamburg 2015, will let you on the efficient production techniques.

If you are supervising more and more complicated games, there might have been a moment or two when you started to lose control over this process. Stan knows how to avoid it by doing things faster and smarter. Listen to his advice on managing the production cycle without resorting to excruciating crunches or painful scope/quality reduction.

The presentation will show some real-life experiences and best practices that were used during the production of 16xDLC’s and ““Hearts of Stone” expansion pack for “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”.

We recommend this session to producers, managers and team leads who are looking for ideas on how to optimise their work and work of others in order to enhance game’s quality. Also it might be of great benefit to game developers who need arguments that would convince their bosses to try out new approaches aimed at improving working conditions.


Stan Just is a passionate gamer working as a producer for CD Projekt RED on “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”. During his career in gamedev he worked at Reality Pump on “Two Worlds”franchise games and at 11bit studios on a number of multiplatform titles including: “Anomaly 2”, “Funky Smugglers” and “Sleepwalker’s Journey”.
In the field of game production he published featured articles on Gamasutra, presented his methods during multiple conferences and is now lecturing Project Planning at Game Dev School.

Take advantage of early bird registration for DevGAMM Minsk 2015 and get the ticket now!