DevGAMM, a media partner of Live Mobile Congress 2014!

October 1, 2014

DevGAMM is an official partner of Live Mobile Congress 2014. All our subscribers and readers can get a Premium ticket to Live Mobile Congress with a special 35% discount! Use the promo code DEVGAMM35 to get 35% off of the regular ticket price from the official website:

Live Mobile Congress is this year’s biggest European mobile industry event. Leading experts, hundreds of game and app developers, startup creators, business angels and venture fund representatives will all take part in the event. The conference program features speeches from representatives of the leaders in the mobile industry: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Unity Technologies, Xiaomi, VK, London Partner Ventures, Spotify, Wooga, Airbnb, App Annie, and also Live Mobile Congress partners from Lithuanian Republic — state agencies Invest Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania.

Attendants will discuss the most crucial issues posed by the industry: application development, leading platforms support, choosing the best marketing and advertising channels, reaching out to Asian markets, as well as using tools and services for analytics. Participants of Live Mobile Congress will learn how to raise funds for their projects from leading venture investors and representatives of investment funds like IMI.VC, London Venture Partners, Nextury Ventures, Startup Highway and Practica Capital.

Live Mobile Congress offers developers a chance to show their skills in the Game Jam hackathon! They will have to create a puzzle game in 24 hours and present it to the jury, consisting of mobile industry leaders. Sign up now on Facebook.

The Live Mobile Game Jam is organized by Unity Technologies, Game Insight, Enterprise Lithuania, Parse and LZKA (Lithuanian Association of Game Developers). All the participants will have free access to all Live Mobile Congress events.

DevGAMM Awards deadline

October 1, 2014

Dear participants!

We remind you that today is deadline for game submission to DevGAMM Awards!

Submit your game now!

Vacancy Wall – a Great Way to Find Employers/Employees at DevGAMM Minsk 2014

October 1, 2014

Every DevGAMM conference has a Vacancy Wall. This project aims to help companies to find new employees among the conference participants and job seekers to get a dream job.

Just send a filled vacancy blank to till October 10!
It’s completely free! *

* Requirements:

- standard form
- pdf / doc format

The number of vacancies from one company is unlimited! However, please note that the placement of job openings during the conference costs $25.

Want to attract attention to your vacancy?

Place it on a special color form in the VIP sector for only $50. Or design an entire wall of vacancies in your corporate style for $3000.
Applications should be send to till October 10.
Placement of VIP job openings during the conference costs $60.

Applicants who are interested in the particular opening will be able to fill in and send resumes on site, also receiving additional information on each of the open positions!

Vacancy Wall Organizing Partner:
Spice Recruitment is a consulting company focused on the search and selection of IT specialists, and the study of high-tech market spheres.

Legal Aspects of Moving Game Business Abroad

September 30, 2014

At the beginning of September, we have already mentioned that DevGAMM Minsk 2014 will feature the presentation dedicated to legal aspects of cloning. Today we will tell about two more presentations aimed at preventing lots of challenges that a developer could come across if he is not on the first-name basis with legal subject.

Saule DagilyteSaule Dagilyte holds the position of Senior Associate and Head of the Tax Practice at the law firm SORIANEN in Lithuania. This firm provides legal support for such game studios as Charlie Oscar, Flazm, Dash & Dot, Ice Pick Lodge, which have decided to move to Lithuania. In its report, “Opening studio in the European Union”, she will elaborate on the benefits that developers receive in the EU and Lithuania, in particular, she will name the requirements for a full relocation and factors that should be treated with special attention. In addition, Saule will talk about the benefits and taxes for game developers, the European requirements for doing business and cons of moving to some of the most popular countries of the EU (Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg).

Dmitriy DubograevDmitriy Dubograev has been practicing law in the United States for 20 years being the founder of, a legal firm which provides assistance to the Russian-speaking IT companies, not only in regards to moving to the United States, but also facilitating the IPO process, financing transactions and sales. His presentation, “Сhink in the armor – can an IT company be successful without legal strategy” will be devoted to the legal and business aspects of IT companies’ success exemplified by mobile application (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), which got the two rounds of financing, and now undergoes the third round. Dmitriy will explain why it is important to be incorporated in the United States and how to protect your project and intellectual property.

Learn the fundamentals of the first legal aid on moving game studio abroad at DevGAMM Minsk 2014.

Visa invitation letter deadline

September 30, 2014

Please keep in mind that the last day for submitting documents for visa invitation is October 1 if you apply at the embassy, and October 7 if you apply at the airport.

Please, check this guideline.

The Diverse World of Game Design at DevGAMM Minsk 2014

September 29, 2014

DevGAMM Conference is aimed to help developers replenish their knowledge in the game industry related topics. And the most valuable sessions are always those dedicated to game design. Today we are going to introduce you to 4 insightful presentations, which will be held at DevGAMM Minsk 2014 this October.

«No one reads forever»

Alina BrazdeikeneWho?
Alina Brazdeikene has been a game narrative designer and cinematic scriptwriter for over 3 years. Right now she works as game designer and producer at Signus Labs.

What’s it about?
The presentation will tackle an issue of motivating players to read texts and involving them into the story. It is mostly about using simple narrative, game design and UI methods to do that.

«Methods of taming script writers, or how to make one write properly?»

Maria KochakovaWho?
Maria Kochakova has worked as a narrative designer and computer game scripter since 2011. She took part in development of the social (“Pirates. The dead man’s chest”, “Heavenly garden” ) and mobile («Jungle Heat»,«Knight Girl», «Skyforge») games. She currently works on her own project “Message Quest” that was presented at GAMM:Play in Moscow.

What’s it about?
This session contains recommendations concerning the work of game script writers. You will learn where to look for them, how to choose good writers and smoothly integrate them into the team to get the best results.

«Narrative design: how to make gameplay and story get on well»

Ярослав КравцовWho?
Yaroslav Kravtsov used to work on Skyforge and Allody Online in Group as level designer, up until he got promoted to a leading level designer. Before that he designed levels at G5 Entertainment AB. Currently, he’s absorbed in the indie project called Message Quest and blogs about game development.

What’s it about?
This report will help to solve the problem of the crude final product being different from the brilliant script and gameplay in the prototype. Yaroslav will dwell on how to avoid this problem and create a project, where gameplay and storyline complement each other.
Also the presentation will provide a brief history of narrative design and its development potential.

«The method of gameplay psychological analysis»

Александр ГолованьWho?
Aleksandr Golovan is an individual and group psychoanalyst, member of the Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapists’ Register, developer of InFortis personalization technology.

What’s it about?
Alexander will talk about how to use the basics of psychology in game development and audience management. He will discuss quantitative measuring of the satisfaction with game, graphics of the needs’ satisfaction and payment as a psychological phenomenon.

Learn how to work with the script and the writers, gameplay and human psychology at DevGAMM Minsk 2014.

DevGAMM Tickets

September 26, 2014

Sold OutDue to the limited capacity of the Renaissance Minsk we were forced to put a cap on the number of tickets for DevGAMM.

Unfortunately, indie tickets have already been sold out completely, and business ones are also coming to the end.

However, you can still get indie ticket if:

  • You plan to show your game at GAMM:Play. The procedure is very simple: just apply for GAMM:Play, and indicate that you need an indie ticket in the comments. If the game is selected, you will receive a promo code for indie registration. The spots are limited. Deadline – 6th of October.
  • You take part in the special offer for developers of Match 3 games from Renatus. One of the valuable prizes is a free ticket to DevGAMM Minsk 2014. Participate here.

Do not miss your chance to visit the most productive conference in Belarus!

Register now!.

Game Creation: Some Things Are Better Done by a Professional

September 25, 2014

Sometimes indie developers or little studios face a wide range of problems that have nothing to do with game development. For example, they wonder how to organize an efficient work process or to get proper localization, how to determine the potential of a prototype. DevGAMM Minsk 2014 prepared a series of sessions by trade experts who could help answer all of your burning questions.


Deal with the difficult task of rebuilding the development process with the help of Alexander Myasishchev, who spent 7 years working in game journalism and 4 years in game making business. He is currently working as a part of Nival team on Prime World project. In the presentation “The right time to rebuild the development process”, he will tell you how to do the impossible and choose a good time to radically change outdated development processes that exist only because it is a common practice or a holdover from previous projects.

If you feel like localization is so over your head and foreign languages sound like a magical chanting, you definitely need to see a presentation “Solutions for localization issues: there’s hope yet!” by Nadezhda Lynova. You will have a chance to learn how experienced localization specialists manage the situation when a developer comes up with localization idea after the game is released, and it appears that the text is not separate with graphics, all GUI elements should not exceed 4 symbols, and the humor gets completely lost when dialogues are reproduced in Japanese. Nadezhda Lynova is a QA head at All Correct Localization and responsible for the development of technical localization processes and integration of QA systems.

There are moments in game developer’s life when he just started working on a game and all he has is a prototype and a pile of doubts regarding its potential. That is when playtest comes in. Alexander Dzyuba in his presentation “Analytics for insights, not just numbers. Playtest from prototype and later” is going to talk about saving project’s budgets and getting useful feedback on early stages of game development. He will enlarge on what kind of data is collected during playtest and its advantages. Alexander Dzyuba manages operations and strategic development of Playtestix company.

Focus on game development and let the professionals do the rest for you at DevGAMM Minsk 2014.

How To Get The Most Out Of DevGAMM Minsk 2014

September 24, 2014

Dear Developers, do you have a game you want to present to DevGAMM audience? Then this post is for you!

DevGAMM introduces several special events that could really help you spend some quality time at the conference.

GAMM:Play Showcase

This showcase provides all developers with a chance to show off their game for 3 or 4 hours, gathering feedback and recommendations without missing out the entire conference.

If you want to look at GAMM:Play from developer’s point of view you should check out this great blog post by Maria Kochakova, where she elaborated on her experience displaying Message Quest game at GAMM:Play.

The participation in GAMM:Play is free of charge and available to every developer with the finished game or quality prototype who bought a ticket and sent in the application before the 6th of October.

Pay attention that indie tickets are sold out, but if you want to showcase your game at GAMM:Play you could get this type of tickets for $95 (indicate the necessity in the comment section during game loading process)

Speed Game Dating

If you are looking for a publisher for a finished game we recommend you to file the application to participate in Speed Game Dating:

- 20 developers and games in every stream
- 20 publishers
- 3-minute meetings
- 2 streams (first day at 3 p.m. and 4.30 p.m.)

Preregistration is required; seats for developers and publishers are limited. Games at Alpha/Finished stage will be considered in the first place.

DevGAMM Awards

If you consider your game ready to be appraised by game industry, apply for DevGAMM Awards.

- Grand Prize
- Excellence in Visual Art
- Excellence in Game Design
- Excellence in Narrative
- Excellence in Audio
And other nominations

Send your applications till the 1st of October.

Grand award ceremony and prize drawing will take place on October 18 at 6 p.m. in Ballroom Hall.

Game Lynch

While submitting a game to DevGAMM Awards you could also register for GAMM:Play and Game Lynch.

Game Lynch is a special event where game industry experts discuss pros and cons of presented games.

This time Game Lynch comes in a renewed format:

- every expert will be able to choose the game that he wants to lynch.
- the presentation will be replaced with the live playtest.
- the time for a lynch will be limited and controlled by timer.

Make sure to register for GAMM:Play и Speed Game Dating, а также подать заявки на DevGAMM Awards and apply for Game Lynch!

Game Success Secrets at DevGAMM Minsk 2014

September 23, 2014

Why some games are successful and others fail miserably? No one could answer these questions better than people responsible for the most popular games out there that continue to attract more and more players around the world.


Evgeniy Diabin is a technical director at Nekki and producer of such game hits as Shadow Fight, Vector and Shadow Fight 2, the latter one is going to be a topic of his presentation called «Shadow Fight 2: The story of development». Not every hardcore game is able to get such a wide audience without losing its depth as Shadow Fight 2 did. This was only possible due to hard work of developers and game designers, and Evgeniy is going to unveil all the secrets of their success.

Aleksandr Cherniakov has worked at from December 2011. He developed two amazing projects – Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering and Evolution: Battle For Utopia. The latter makes a pretty good case study. During the session «Evolution: Art and mechanics» Alexander is going to explain what made this game so popular, touch upon the peculiarities of the development of such hardcore project for mobile platforms. He will elaborate on the secret approaches to the graphics and performance of “Evolution”, describing how game mechanics evolved in the process of development.

Aya Yamada is a manager of overseas business department at Adinnovation, Inc., she helps CIS developers to understand and conquer Japan gaming market. The session «Big titles in Japan except for Puzzle & Dragons» will elaborate on how Puzzle & Dragons dropped out from #1 and how the focus shifted to other projects like MonsterStrikes, JOJO, Shiro Neko Project, Ken to Mahou no Logress, etc. Aya will tell why MMO PRG games and non-Japanese titles (that weren’t so popular before) experience rapid growth and why all titles on the rankings have already shifted to native apps.


DevGAMM Minsk 2014 will unveil the dearest secrets of game success!