Throwback to DevGAMM Minsk 2015

December 18, 2015

Last week was the second time Minsk welcomed one of the biggest game industry events in CIS. While in Belarus DevGAMM is now the only event of this scale with around 1000 people from 25 countries attending.

More than 40 DevGAMM sessions were targeted at people coming from different backgrounds and different levels of experience. This way both beginner developers and trained professionals benefited from the conference.

During this year the conference shifted focus from social and mobile games to hardcore development for desktop, consoles, VR and AR devices. DevGAMM Minsk hot topics included e-sport, Twitch and Youtube for developers, indie apocalypse to name a few.

If you were wondering what sessions to watch at DevGAMM Youtube channel next week here are a few tips. Keep your eye on Stan Just and his session about production cycle of The Witcher 3. Learn how Transformice unexpectedly became a hit wonder from Melanie Christin. Understand Twitch better with Jon Carnage’s talk. Also take a look at extra useful sessions from Microsoft, Nvidia, Unity, Epic Games, Facebook, Wargaming, IMVU and tinyBuild.

Each DevGAMM organizers introduce something new to the conferenсe agenda. This time Pitch & Match and Service Showcase took on that part. Pitch & Match system, which is used widely at conferences around the world finally landed at DevGAMM. 500 meetings in two days made DevGAMM one of the top three conferences by the number of conducted meetings.
Meanwhile Service Showcase helped companies to attract potential clients, who were looking for localization, quality sound or marketing support.

However games were still in the spotlight. GAMM:Play Showcase had around 50 amazing projects competing for audience attention, while more than 80 developers submitted their games to the contest.

Every Speed Game Dating stream came with a big line of developers looking to hijack the list of 40 lucky participants for a chance to meet lots of publishers in an hour.

Conferences may be about business development, but they are actually a great way to break out of everyday routine. Three parties hosted at DevGAMM Minsk were meant to do just that. Free beer, snacks and happy faces created a perfect environment for networking and easy conversations.There are good reasons why relationships established at the informal functions often lead to fruitful collaborations in the future. Parties were sponsored by Melesta and Renatus Media.

All those who stayed till last few hours of the conference dived straight into the festive mood. Hilarious Game Lynch, epic DevGAMM Awards and People of the Year ceremony made this evening unforgettable.

Thanks to the amazing expert lineup Game Lynch went perfect. If you can use the word ‘perfect’ to describe lightsabre fights, drinking races and nerf gun duels. New trial by combat feature fit right in. Jokes, booze, steel-hearted developers make Game Lynch one of a kind event in all history of game industry conferences.

The biggest surprise of the conference was music break with Ressa Schwarzwald and Stanislav Polesko from Strategic Music doing covers of famous game soundtrack.

People of the Year Award organized together with acknowledged the most influential industry leaders such as Maksim Donskih, Leonid Sirotin, Sergey Orlovsky and Viktor Kisly.

DevGAMM Awards was the grand finale of the event where the audience learned the names of the games that won in 10 nominations. Mike Rose and Lerika Mallayeva, co-hosts of the ceremony, made the whole room of people laughing out loud with their amazing sketches.

Winner List:

Grand Prize (sponsored by RJ Games)
Game: The Final Station
Developer: Oleg Sergeev and Andrey Rumak

Excellence in Visual Art (sponsored by Fibrum)
Game: Fold The World
Developer: Eon games

Excellence in Game Design
Game: Steam Panic
Developer: NOD Group

Excellence in Narrative (sponsored by All Correct Group)
Game: Breached
Developer: Twisted Pilot

Excellence in Audio (sponsored by RJ Games)
Game: Summer Catchers
Developer: Eugene Siryk

Best Indie Game (sponsored by tinyBuild GAMES)
Developer: Mandragora

Best Mobile Game (sponsored by Casual Connect)
Game: Fold The World
Developer: Eon games

Best Desktop Game
Developer: Mandragora

Game Lynch Award
Game: SaviorX – The Story Of Life
Developer: Gediminas Siutilas

Best of GAMM:Play Showcase (sponsored by
Game: One Day in London
Developer: OWL-studio

Sponsor companies did their best to entertain the attendees throughout the event. Nekki hosted a tournament for Shadow Fight 3 players with beautiful Japanese swords at stake. Vizor Interactive booth stood out because of the huge electronic graffiti wall, which allowed to create and print a drawing on the spot. Those who took photos for Instagram on the first day of the conference received their pictures printed with the custom frame at Puzzle Dreams booth.

This year was a huge accomplishment for DevGAMM with three events in Moscow, Hamburg and Minsk. This became possible only due to the support of the Renatus company.

So where do you see us next? Moscow!
Save the date: May 12-13, 2016

Game Lynch is coming!

December 8, 2015

A long time age, in far far DevGAMM-galaxy, the Star Council was held.
It will take place again on December 11th.
If you are going to visit our conference for the first time, Game Lynch is a great way to get acquainted with the industry and not only with it!
Within an hour, 5 experts will meet developers on one stage to decide their fate. Each expert will get his 5 minutes of fame (according to timer) to tell whatever he thinks of the game using any expressions. The man of worth will be chosen by the public and the loser of the trial by combat will taste the bitterness of defeat with alcohol!

Every expert will pick out a game to his taste from the list. The Court of Justice is held in the form of real-time playtesting session in front of the jury-audience. The game developers are given only 1 minute to defend their games.
In this battle will converge:

Alex Nichiporchik – Undead Hunter

Jon Carnage – OgreRun

Mike Rose – Evilibrium

Stan Just – Digger Inc

Al Yang – SaviorX

All lightsabers and nerf guns will be in use! Are you prepared? If not, have a look on videos from our previous conferences!

Indie Prize Deadline is Coming Soon

December 8, 2015

We are happy to announce that Indie Prize is sponsoring Best Mobile Game Award at DevGAMM! The winner will get a fully covered trip to Amsterdam and a chance to showcase their game at Casual Connect.

One person from the team will get:
1. Guaranteed spot in the Indie Prize showcase at Casual Connect Amsterdam 2016
2. Free accommodation in the hostel in Amsterdam
3. Free round trip flight

Learn the name of the winner at DevGAMM Awards!

Meanwhile only one week left to submit your game to Indie Prize Amsterdam at Casual Connect Europe. Deadline is Dec 15, 2015.
Submit here
Have questions? Contact Yuliya at
For more information on Casual Connect Europe visit:

Session: Valiant Heart Localization By All Correct

December 4, 2015

Are you a localization manager, experienced translator or just want to know how to make your game speak foreign language?

Yulia Sadovnik and Dmitry Usov from All Correct will describe the process of localization from the perspective of project manager and translator using Ubisoft’s Valiant Hearts as an example.

Valiant Hearts is a puzzle adventure video game inspired by letters written during the Great War and has four characters on the battlefield help a young German soldier find his love in this story about survival, sacrifice and friendship

The session called “Ubisoft’s Valiant Hearts localization highlights” covers interesting points of Valiant Hearts localization for the Russian-speaking audience and nontrivial challenges faced by the team with solutions.


Dmitry Usov is a certified translator with over than 6-year experience in localization. In the past worked on about 100 projects including games from Ubisoft, EA and other leading game publishers. Has a degree in history.

Yulia Sadovnik is a lead localization manager, works on the projects of Ubisoft and other leading companies, as well as regularly participates in international conferences.

Attention! Contest by Uber & DevGAMM

December 3, 2015

Last year Minsk conference gathered people from 25 countries who made 60% of total attendees. DevGAMM Minsk 2015 is expected to be as much international as its predecessor. This time we united our efforts with Uber, to make your stay in Minsk even more comfortable.

The new users of Uber attending DevGAMM Minsk can get 20% off any 5 rides. This special promo will be valid during conference days.* Promo code: UBERDEVGAMM

There will be promoters who can help you download the app and use promo code at the conference venue and official DevGAMM parties.

And we’ve got something more to make you happy. All DevGAMM attendees can take part in a contest brought jointly by our team and Uber to win free rides or other gifts!

To participate you need to post a photo of the car you would like to ride in Minsk using the local Uber service. You can choose any means of transport, from a luxury Mercedes decorated with Swarovski crystals to a Mad Max car. Creativity and outside-the-box ideas are appreciated.


1. Share a photo of the car you would like to ride in Minsk using the local Uber service in social network (VK, Instagram or Twitter).
2. Add #DevGAMM #uberminsk #uberbelarus hashtags
3. The winner will be determined by the number of Likes. The second and third prize winners will be determined by DevGAMM jury.
4. Contest results will be announced on December 8!


1st place: promo code for 3 free rides costing up to 200.000 BYR each and a branded Uber T-shirt.
2nd place: promo code for 2 free rides costing up to 200.000 BYR each and a branded Uber T-shirt.
3rd place: branded Uber T-shirt.

*For new users only. The promo code will be valid from December 8 to 14, inclusively.

DevGAMM Awards Minsk nominees

December 3, 2015

The list of DevGAMM Awards nominees is unveiled!
The winners will be announced after “People of the Year” ceremony on December 11th at 6p.m. in RED Hall.

Awards show will be hosted by Lerika Mallayeva and Mike Rose!

Game Lynch Award

OgreRun, Developed by BruTime
Undead Hunter, Developed by Gameplay Ltd.
Digger Inc, Developed by BruTime
SaviorX – The Story Of Life, Developed by Gediminas Siutilas
Evilibrium: Soul Hunters, Developed by ORC WORK

Best Mobile Game

Steam Panic, Developed by NOD Group
Cooking Fever, Developed by Nordcurrent
Fold The World, Developed by Eon games

Best Desktop Game

Shards of War, Developed by Bigpoint GmbH
SKYHILL, Developed by Mandragora Team
Time Of Dragons, Developed by 4 I Lab

Best Indie Game (sponsored by tinyBuild GAMES)

12 is better then 6, Developed by Ink Stains Games
The Final Station, Developed by Oleg Sergeev and Andrey Rumak
The Long Reach, Developed by TLR Team
Bomberlands, Developed by ComonGames
SKYHILL, Developed by Mandragora Team

Excellence in Audio (sponsored by RJ Games)

Summer Catchers, Developed by Eugene Siryk
Beat Da Beat FREE, Developed by 2Players & Nekki
Steam Panic, Developed by NOD Group

Excellence in Narrative (sponsored by All Correct Group)

Summer Catchers, Developed by Eugene Siryk
The Uncertain, Developed by ComonGames
Breached, Developed by Twisted Pilot

Excellence in Game Design

Steam Panic, Developed by NOD Group
The Final Station, Developed by Oleg Sergeev and Andrey Rumak
SKYHILL, Developed by Mandragora Team

Excellence in Visual Art (sponsored by Fibrum)

caRRage, Developed by Velcro Games
Time Of Dragons, Developed by 4 I Lab
Fold The World, Developed by Eon games

Grand Prize (sponsored by RJ Games)

Cooking Fever, Developed by Nordcurrent
The Final Station, Developed by Oleg Sergeev and Andrey Rumak
Heroes of Paragon, Developed by EVERYDAiPLAY
Fold The World, Developed by Eon games
Shards of War, Developed by Bigpoint GmbH

Learn the names of the winners at the final ceremony of the year – #DevGAMM Awards!

Workshops and parties

November 25, 2015

Only 40 people will be able to take part in a traditional iOS Workshop.

Learn about the changes that have taken place on the platform over the last few months.Get insights to help you make the right decision in your application strategy.

Pre-registration is required!

iOS Workshop Pre-Registration


Get into the festive mood at three parties which will take place at DevGAMM Minsk. Free entrance for ALL conference participants!

Badge Pick Up Pre-Party

December 9th @ 18:00 – 22:00

Get your badge and start networking beforehand at People’s restaurant!

Official Party by Melesta

December 10th @ 20:00 – 00:00

Join Melesta company at the Coyote bar party at the end of the first day of the conference!
For your convenience we will provide a shuttle from the hotel to the bar!

Bye-Bye Mingle by Renatus

December 11th @ 19:00 – …

Right at the hall of the hotel we will celebrate the successful ending of the conference, exchange contacts and hugs:)

TargetSummit Berlin Starts This Week

November 16, 2015

TargetSummit would like to invite you to attend our next conference which will take place in Berlin on November 19th. Start is in the evening at 17.00pm.

TargetSummit is an evening mobile app conference that covers the topics of mobile app promotion, monetization  and analytics.

TargetSummit is the first affordable conference in the mobile segment with ticket price starting from 19.99USD!

Our concept is very simple in many ways, we offer an evening conference in the field of mobile during which we have 6 keynotes from amazing international speakers like Twitter, SoundCloud,, Splitmetrics, Lovoo and Wooga. All the attendees have traveled from other countries to attend the event and some very known names in mobile industry will be attending TargetSummit.

Please check the full program of the conference here:

There is less then a week left to register and attend the event and only few days until the Early Bird will be sold out. You can get your tickets here:

We are excited to see you next week and we guarantee an evening of learning, networking and fun throughout the night!

Our Sponsors have prepared some amazing giveaways for all the attendees of the event but we keep it a secret for now and will reveal it only on the night so don’t miss it!

Use promo code TSDEVGAMM to get 30% off the ticket price.

Win 1000$ for Best Indie Game! Smart Watch, VR headset and other prizes

November 13, 2015

DevGAMM Awards

Only one week left to submit games to DevGAMM Awards. The last awards ceremony of the year!

This time we will have 10 nominations:

Grand Prize
Excellence in Visual Art — sponsored by Fibrum
Excellence in Game Design
Excellence in Narrative — sponsored by All Correct Group
Excellence in Audio
Best Indie Game — sponsored by tinyBuild
Best Mobile Game
Best Desktop Game
Best of GAMM:Play Showcase — sponsored by
Game Lynch Award

The winner in the Best Indie Game category will get $1,000 from tinyBuild.

All Correct Group will present a Smart Watch for Excellence in Narrative.

Excellence in Visual Art will get a VR headset from Fibrum.

TheMSI company will present 8 mice Steelseries Kinzu

Want to sponsor a nomination? 
Hit us up at

Deadline for Awards submissions is November 20! All you need is a ticket.

GAMM:Play Showcase

Want to showcase your game at GAMM:Play area and gather feedback from fellow developers? You can do it for free (ticket is required).

The best game of the showcase will be chosen by WG Labs and will get a valuable prize from!

Deadline for Showcase game submissions is November 30. Hurry up!

The number of spots is limited! We can only accept 56 games.

Game Lynch

Your game is in Alpha, Beta or Prototype? If you are not afraid of some criticism submit it to Game Lynch!

As always we promise lots of blood, alcohol, tears and tribal dances:)

Submit your game to Awards, GAMM:Play, Game Lynch using only one form!

Submit Game

Mobile Monetization Summit – Dec.15 featuring leading game publishers

November 12, 2015

We’re glad to invite you to the Mobile Monetization Summit 2015 to be held on Dec.15 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Summit is one of the biggest mobile games events in the region, with over 2,000 attendees. The summit features sessions from leading game developers, publishers and other players on how to get users, how to monetize, how to do proper analytics etc.

This year it features international speakers from Outfit7 (Over 3B downloads!), Wargaming, Nordeus as well as founders of the hottest mobile apps/games companies such as TabTale, Deemedya, Glide, Fitness22, Scoompa and senior speakers from Startapp, Smaato, Performance Revenues, ClicksMob, SimilarWeb and many others.

In addition the Summit features an exhibition of the leaders in mobile/games/adtech as well as a startup arena, featuring the best of the new and upcoming apps and games developers.

DevGAMM members get 20% off by using code devgamm20 when registering at