DevGAMM Kyiv 2013 – Official report

December 11, 2013

DevGAMM Kyiv 2013 is over, organized by Renatus Media, LLC!!

This year the conference broke all possible records!
It was attended by more than 1300 participants! Many of them have never been to game events before, so we are happy to encourage young teams on their way to the game industry.

The program was rich and interesting, its main focus was on technical speeches about game design, art, producing and community management.

37 speeches, 4 round tables, around 10 blitz-sessions and Game Lynch, of course!

It was a pleasure to hear brilliant speeches from Amanita Design, Rovio, Zeptolab, FDG Entertainment, Wargaming, visit the round table with VKontakte team and lots of others.

Speech slides and videos will be available on our website very soon.
Subscribe to our channel on youtube, twitter, facebook, vk to never miss any updates!

We received over 130 vacancies for the Vacancy Wall and had to use nearby walls to place them all.

Our premiere event, GAMM:Play Game Showcase, became a huge success.
There were 4 streams of developers showcasing their projects in the exhibition zone and getting feedback on their games. It’s in our plans to further develop this project.

Traditionally, Speed Game Dating was the most efficient way to connect with publishers. The smashingly successful SGD and crowds of people, eager to partake in it, suggested that we must be more exigent in choosing the next year games.

Another record was broken: 23 award-winning games among 145 titles submitted for DevGAMM Game Contest:

“Best game (category: company)”
Developer: AlternativaPlatform
Game: Combat Sector

“Best game (category: studio)”
Developer: mimimi games
Game: Оплот Империи

“Best game (category: indie-developer)”
Developer: FlyAnvil
Game: Decision: Medieval

“Best social game”
Developer: RJ Games
Game: Crisis!

“Best mobile game”
Developer: Toffee Games
Game: Earn to Die

“Best mobile game” (via MyPlayCity)
Developer: Thoopid
Game: Snailboy

“Best mobile game” (via
Developer: B6Lux
Game: Зомби Джо

“Best future mobile game” (via G5)
Developer: Monodon Entertainment
Game: Ektaria

“Best HTML5 game”
Developer: TrueToken
Game: Steel Story

“Innovative HTML5 game”
Developer: Sergey Batishchev
Game: Jelly Collapse

“Best Monetization”
Developer: Vizor Interactive
Game: Klondaik: Lost Expedition

“Excellence in gameplay”
Developer: OneGoodGame studio
Game: Bring me the Star

“Most atmospheric game”
Developer: Lopens & Target Detected
Game: Bloody Harry

“Best 2D Art”
Developer: Nravo Inc.
Game: Ligtomania

“The most unique character”
Developer: LingPlay
Game: Sheep Happens

“Most creative game”
Developer: ALMA Games
Game: Blob’s Story

“Coup de coeur”
Developer: bombocracker
Game: Night Lights

“Most hooligan developer”
Developer: Eugene Karataev
Game: Drawfender

“Best Kids game”
Developer: Bristar
Game: Color tale

“Women’s choice”
Developer: Oleg Kuzyk
Game: Slice the box

“Technology Innovation Award”
Developer: Clever Club studio
Game: Steambot

“Audience Choice Award”
Developer: SMOKOKO S.A.
Game: The Adventures of Evie and Ozzy: The Moon Tree Mystery

“I survived the Game Lynch!”
Developer: LingPlay
Game: Sheep Happens

Congrats to all the winners!

Along with the official party organized by PicaBoum, Renatus team held a Pre-Party the night before this year’s conference. A double portion of networking!

On behalf of organizers, we want to say thanks to every sponsor, speaker and attendee for their support that is felt every year!

DevGAMM event is growing and developing itself only because of you!
Big Thanks!

Leave us again to come back! :)

Forever yours,
Valeriya Mallayeva and DevGAMM team

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